Breast Augmentation Surgery for Restoring Shape and Size of a Woman’s Breasts

breast augmentation

In the years spanning a last decade, the world of medical science has evolved and undergone dramatic change. There is treatment for every problem. And, so is the case with the world of cosmetic surgery.  Improvement in technology has made it possible to enhance almost any part of your body, and breasts are no exception. There are different types of breast surgeries which are performed for improving their shape and size. However, the one which is being performed widely all over the globe is breast augmentation surgery.

It is performed for enhancing the contour, shape and size of a woman’s breasts. An increasing number of women prefer this surgery for different reasons. Some women want to undergo this surgery to regain the lost shape after pregnancy while there are others who have extremely small breasts. There are many women who prefer this surgery for correcting asymmetry in their breast size.

This kind of surgery is performed with implants which are placed over a chest muscle or under a chest muscle. Surgeon makes the incisions in the armpit (axilla), lower breast fold or areola, the area surrounding nipple. Generally, breast augmentation surgery is a minimally invasive procedure which lasts for three to four hours. In case, incision is made inside the armpit, an endoscope which is a thin tube with a light and small camera). If you want to know about Breast augmentation surgery cost in India, then consult an experienced and qualified surgeon who will suggest you the same.

Breast implants are placed for enhancing the shape of breasts. These are made up of silicone shell filled with silicone gel or saline (a salt water solution). A woman chooses the size of implants by trying it. At present, saline filled implants are used commonly. It is a simple procedure which is performed widely. Just like any other surgery, there are risks as well as uncertainties associated with it as well.

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