Women Get a ‘Lift’ with New Breast Procedure

Women Get a 'Lift' with New Breast Procedure

If you’re considering a surgical breast lift, one way to see if it might help you is to put a pencil under your breast and see if it stays there. If it does, a breast lift might be an option.

The most common breast lift operation, called mastopexy, repositions the nipple higher on the chest wall. Women usually get this procedure on an outpatient basis, meaning there’s no overnight stay. It takes about three hours and is usually done under general anesthesia.

Some women also get breast implants at the same time as their breast lift.

Your surgeon should describe your options and explain the procedure in detail.

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Breast Reduction in Delhi – Surgery Procedure for Smaller Breasts

breast reduction surgery in india

Breast reduction surgery is one of the most common and patient pleasing surgeries performed in Delhi, India. Patients who are recommended or prefer to undergo knife for this surgery often complain of shoulder, back and neck discomfort along with skin rashes as well as irritation due to extremely large breasts.  Often, it happens that extremely large size breasts interfere with day to day activities hampering lives of many women. This is when opting for breast reduction in Delhi can help you achieve relief and satisfactory results.

Like most cosmetic surgery procedures done, a trade-off exists between the positioning of the breasts and improvement in breast size (as well as the resulting improvement up next, shoulder symptom and back) versus potential loss of sensation and resulting scars along with other complications related with breast surgery. Most women who undergo this surgical procedure are more than happy and satisfied to accept the trade-off. Often they regret why didn’t go undergo this procedure before.

One of the most important questions that patients face while discussing any kind of breast surgery is the issues pertaining to size of breast. Each patient has different goal of undergoing this surgery. Some women wish to have breast size in proportion with rest remaining body while others want to have smaller breast size.

Breast reduction surgeon in India communicates with patient every necessary and minute detail so that latter can make a well-informed decision. Words such as ‘top heavy’ or ‘natural’, ‘fake looking’ and ‘C cup’ means different things to different women, hence unless they have clear picture, making decision can be difficult.  Each patient has unique body shape and size; thus, it becomes essential to discuss the entire procedure with plastic surgeon at length.

It is understandable for patients to look for the best breast reduction surgery cost in Delhi. You might come across surgeons offering low cost, but do not make any decision in haste. Given that results of such a surgical procedure depends largely on the experience and expertise of cosmetic surgeon, make sure you do as much research as possible before choosing one for breast reduction in Delhi.

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Explore the Popularity of the Gynecomastia Surgery in Delhi

male breast reduction in delhi

There are various methods by which human being can look better. Cosmetic world is full of advanced science surprises that are applicable in practical terms. Here we are talking about the gynecomastia surgery in India, as it has become widely popular amongst the male gender. However, gynecomastia is a kind of a male breast condition in which males suffer from unusual breast enlargement. Many professional sectors are there, where personality and fit body plays a vital role. If a perfect shaped body will have enlarged breast that protrudes out from all sort of outfits, then it becomes a centre of attraction. Hence, brings humiliation and embarrassment in the midst of the social gatherings.

The male breast reduction in Delhi becomes necessary when breast in enlarged differently from all over the chest area in comparison to other body parts. The breast disorder may bring many health complications which are not visible with naked eyes externally. Well, the good news is that the men who are suffering from the particular problem can rectify their chest size by choosing from two diverse methods i.e. topical surgery or the oral medications.


The method used to remove the extra adipose cells from the breast segment is known as liposuction. This process is majorly utilized for the gynecomastia surgery in India. The breast fat is removed while maintaining the level of tissues as well as the breast gland as it was before. The process of mastectomy is performed by using the endoscopy method. There are tiny incisions made for the removal of the unwanted fat. The incisions are very small in size that they take very short period to recover.

Therefore, gynecomastia surgery cost in Delhi is easily comparable online, where there is a list of several hospitals which are offering the valuable facility. Male breast fat extraction is a new concept that has been introduced globally few years back. Earlier people with high profile background and financially strong backup were able to undergo this surgery in abroad destinations. Eventually, gynecomastia surgery in Delhi is available in the most reputed hospitals and the expert medical centers at an affordable price range.

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No One Tells You About Breast Reduction


Breast reduction, also known as reduction mammaplasty, is a procedure to remove excess breast fat, glandular tissue, and skin to achieve a breast size in proportion with your body and to alleviate the discomfort associated with overly large breasts.

When choosing a board-certified plastic surgeon for breast reduction, lift and augmentation remember that the surgeon’s experience and your comfort with him or her are just as important as the final breast reduction costs.

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Tips for Breast Lift or Mastopexy Surgery in Delhi India


Breast lift surgery in Delhi, or mastopexy is an aesthetic procedure that aims to raise and reshape sagging or dropping breasts by trimming off excess skin and compacting surrounding tissues.

A mastopexy is performed to elevate the breast gland and remove the excess skin. The incisions are made around and below the nipple areola complex. The gland is then elevated with its attached nipple areola complex and the excess skin is removed. This results in:

  • A repositioned breast gland and nipple in a higher position
  • Excess skin is removed
  • Incisions on the bottom half of the breast

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Choose Best Breast Surgeon in Delhi and Lower the Risks Associated with the Procedure

breast surgery

World of medical science has undergone dramatic change. Treatment is available for all types of problems and so is case with cosmetic surgery.  Cosmetic or plastic surgery is that branch of medical science which aims at enhancing the appearance of a person. There are different types of cosmetic surgery procedures which are performed to give a new and fresh look to the person. Of all types of procedures, the one which has gained immense popularity is breast surgery. If you want to get excellent results of the procedure then choose the best breast surgeon in Delhi, and rest assured you will be able to meet the desired goal of the surgery.

Breast enhancement surgeries are the most sought-after cosmetic surgery procedures performed all over the world. If you are considering undergoing knife for any types of breast surgery, then it is important for you to know that there are certain risks associated with the procedure. Breast augmentation, reduction, breast lift, breast reconstruction and breast revision are the types of breast surgeries performed on women. As for men, gynecomastia surgery is the breast surgery.

There are several factors which determine the recovery period of breast surgery. Usually, Duration of recovery depends on the type of surgery performed, ability to stick to the instructions given by the breast reduction surgery in Delhi, and overall health. Just remember that if you are physical fit and healthy then chances are that you will recover quickly. Also emotional and mental stability has an important role to play in determining healing time after breast surgery.

Few days followed immediately after surgery brings along discomfort and pain. You might feel sore as well as stiff. Bruising and swelling will also subside only a few weeks after surgery.  However, there is nothing for you to worry much as this is consequential to breast surgery and will get back to normal over the period of time.  Within a few days of the surgery, your breast will start appearing normal. Medication prescribed by the cosmetic surgeon should be taken timely. Also adhere to all the given instructions if you want to resume daily activities without having to wait for a long time.

Key to lower the risks associated with breast surgery is choosing an experienced and qualified surgeon. Delhi, the national capital of India, is home to some of the most leading and renowned cosmetic surgeons who make sure that patient gets the most effective and right treatment. Whether you want to undergo cosmetic surgery because of cosmetic or medical reasons, getting right advice is important. Equally important is to find about the infrastructure and other facilities that the cosmetic clinic has.    Breast surgery is a complicated procedure. Hence choosing the right surgeon is the most important thing.

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