Breast Reduction Surgery to Reduce the Size of Breasts to Bring It in Proportion

Breast Reduction Surgery to Reduce the Size of Breasts to Bring It in Proportion

If a woman’s breast are abnormally grown leading to awkward looks the size of breasts can be reduced by breast reduction. This is a cosmetic surgery that involves removal of excessive fat deposits from breasts and excessive skin.

Abnormally large size of breasts also causes several health issues such as neck pain and back pain due to imbalance of body weight.

Surgeons would ensure all facts and figures related to the patient’s and her family’s medical history in order to avoid any complications after beast reduction. They also conduct a mammogram, some other tests and can take photos of patient’s breast to determine the amount of tissue to be removed to get a better contour after the size of the breasts would be reduced after surgery.

Surgeons administer general anesthesia for patients for their comfort during the surgery. The duration of surgery depends on various factors and can take three to five hours or even more. The surgeons make incision along the edges of areola and take a vertical incision from the bottom of areola to the natural fold of breasts. Surgeons will then remove excessive fat, tissues and skin. Then they reposition the areola according to the new reduced size and shape of the breasts. Surgeons can use drainage tubes for taking out fat depositions. Then they stich up the breasts and wrap them up in a special gauze. After the surgery, patients would require to wear surgical bra provided by the surgeon.

After the surgery patients may require one to two weeks for recovery. Surgeons would provide follow up appointments for removing bandages and stitches during the surgery. It is a normal tendency for patients to feel tired and experience breast pain after surgery for a few days.

Breast surgery cost depends on various factors such as expertise of surgeon, location of his clinic, charges for anesthesia, prescribed medicines, hospital charges, surgery fees and charges for post-surgery garments provided.

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Breast Reduction in Delhi – Surgery Procedure for Smaller Breasts

breast reduction surgery in india

Breast reduction surgery is one of the most common and patient pleasing surgeries performed in Delhi, India. Patients who are recommended or prefer to undergo knife for this surgery often complain of shoulder, back and neck discomfort along with skin rashes as well as irritation due to extremely large breasts.  Often, it happens that extremely large size breasts interfere with day to day activities hampering lives of many women. This is when opting for breast reduction in Delhi can help you achieve relief and satisfactory results.

Like most cosmetic surgery procedures done, a trade-off exists between the positioning of the breasts and improvement in breast size (as well as the resulting improvement up next, shoulder symptom and back) versus potential loss of sensation and resulting scars along with other complications related with breast surgery. Most women who undergo this surgical procedure are more than happy and satisfied to accept the trade-off. Often they regret why didn’t go undergo this procedure before.

One of the most important questions that patients face while discussing any kind of breast surgery is the issues pertaining to size of breast. Each patient has different goal of undergoing this surgery. Some women wish to have breast size in proportion with rest remaining body while others want to have smaller breast size.

Breast reduction surgeon in India communicates with patient every necessary and minute detail so that latter can make a well-informed decision. Words such as ‘top heavy’ or ‘natural’, ‘fake looking’ and ‘C cup’ means different things to different women, hence unless they have clear picture, making decision can be difficult.  Each patient has unique body shape and size; thus, it becomes essential to discuss the entire procedure with plastic surgeon at length.

It is understandable for patients to look for the best breast reduction surgery cost in Delhi. You might come across surgeons offering low cost, but do not make any decision in haste. Given that results of such a surgical procedure depends largely on the experience and expertise of cosmetic surgeon, make sure you do as much research as possible before choosing one for breast reduction in Delhi.

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Find Out More About Breast Augmentation..

breast surgery in delhi

Breasts under go a lot of changes in time. Pregnancy and lactation often changes the shape of the breasts making it more loose or saggy. Deflated or droopy shapeless breasts is a confidence breaker.

There are a wide range of definitive surgical options from implants to lifts to regain your lost confidence.

Breast augmentation(breast implants) is suitable for women who perceive their breasts as being too small, either because they have never had full development of breast tissue or as a result of the loss of breast tissue that sometimes occurs after pregnancy and breast-feeding. Small breasts may also be due to massive weight loss. If breast sagging accompanies small breast volume, a breast uplift operation, Mastopexy, may be required.

The enlargement can be done by either using an breast implant (silicone/saline) or by Natural breast augmentation using fat. The breast augmentation (breast implant) surgery does not usually alter breast function. Since the operation does not interfere with breast tissue, the possibility of breast-feeding after pregnancy remains unaltered.

It must be remembered that not all women can breast-feed successfully anyway – the important point here being that the breast will function the same after treatment as before. There may be altered nipple sensation. Additionally, breast implants do not increase or decrease the chances of developing breast cancer. Hundreds of thousands of augmentation mammoplasties (breast implants) have been performed worldwide and there has never been any demonstrated relationship between breast implants and breast cancer or any other breast disease.

Breast implant surgery usually is done on a day care basis. You can go home the same day after the breast implant surgery. 

Other than surgical correction – using Breast implants or the person’s own body fat – there is no method that can increase the size and fullness of the breasts. Unfortunately, no amount of exercise, hormonal treatment or creams can have any noticeable effect on the dimensions of small breasts. This is why breast augmentation (breast implants) has become a very popular method of enhancing the female form. Breast augmentation (breast implants) has been successful world-wide and has helped many women attain a better figure, which in turn has made an important psychological contribution to their feelings of femininity, confidence, well-being and happiness.

  • Physical and psychological factors are closely linked here; thus, patients are carefully assessed and guided in realising their expectations.
  • Breast Implant Surgery is a day care procedure generally taking 45 mins to an hour unless it is combined with any other procedure like a lift.
  • Swelling will be present for a few weeks during which a snugly fitting sports bra is encouraged. Massaging can be started within 3 weeks while taking a shower.
  • Sexual activity can be resumed with in a month.

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Best Breast Surgery offers safe and effective Breast Augmentation Surgery

breast surgery

Summary –  There are many women who have small breasts which adversely affect their personality.  For those who are looking for the treatment which can help them get improved shape of breasts can choose to undergo breast augmentation surgery.

Breast augmentation is one of the most sought-after and commonly performed cosmetic procedures which can help women get better and improved shape of their breasts. With an objective to provide the most effective and safe breast augmentation surgery, Best Surgery India, is providing the treatment at cost-effective rates. They are one of the leading and renowned cosmetic surgery clinics in Delhi providing treatments which can help in enhancing the looks of a person.

In this kind of surgical procedure, breast size is restored or increased making use of silicone gel implants or saline implants. In some cases, fat is transferred too. It varies from patient to patient. It is one of the most successfully performed surgeries giving women look and appearance they want. Women who want to restore, regain or enhance their figure can be assured to experience great difference after this surgery.

There are different reasons why women want to undergo breast augmentation surgery. One can consider undergoing breast surgery if one wants to achieve appealing and proportioned figure, if one wants clothes to fit much better, for restoring symmetry if there is difference between two breasts and when ageing, weight loss or pregnancy affects the shape of breasts.

In the breast augmentation cosmetic surgery, an incision is made by the cosmetic surgeon for lifting breast tissue. Then a pocket is created in the breast or chest area and implants are placed in these pockets.  As a patient, one should discuss everything with the surgeon at Best Breast Surgery India so that all doubts and concerns are answered. The surgery is performed as an either standalone procedure or in combination with other cosmetic surgery procedures.   Breast surgery cost in India they offer is reasonable. They will suggest the treatment cost after examining the patient and needs and expectations related with the procedure.

Cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Ajay Kashyap, recommends the best treatment as per the condition and requirement of the patient. He is the only Double American Board certified surgeon who makes sure that patients who are visiting him get results which are more than satisfactory. Given the fact that he has an experience of more than twenty six years of performing plastic surgeries, one can count upon the aesthetic treatments provided at the clinic.  It is his ability to perform cosmetic surgeries with perfection which makes him the most reliable and preferred name for cosmetic surgery procedure including breast implants surgery.

So, if breast augmentation surgery is something which is being considered then get in touch with them, and get the right advice regarding the treatment.



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Breast Augmentation Surgery for Restoring Shape and Size of a Woman’s Breasts

breast augmentation

In the years spanning a last decade, the world of medical science has evolved and undergone dramatic change. There is treatment for every problem. And, so is the case with the world of cosmetic surgery.  Improvement in technology has made it possible to enhance almost any part of your body, and breasts are no exception. There are different types of breast surgeries which are performed for improving their shape and size. However, the one which is being performed widely all over the globe is breast augmentation surgery.

It is performed for enhancing the contour, shape and size of a woman’s breasts. An increasing number of women prefer this surgery for different reasons. Some women want to undergo this surgery to regain the lost shape after pregnancy while there are others who have extremely small breasts. There are many women who prefer this surgery for correcting asymmetry in their breast size.

This kind of surgery is performed with implants which are placed over a chest muscle or under a chest muscle. Surgeon makes the incisions in the armpit (axilla), lower breast fold or areola, the area surrounding nipple. Generally, breast augmentation surgery is a minimally invasive procedure which lasts for three to four hours. In case, incision is made inside the armpit, an endoscope which is a thin tube with a light and small camera). If you want to know about Breast augmentation surgery cost in India, then consult an experienced and qualified surgeon who will suggest you the same.

Breast implants are placed for enhancing the shape of breasts. These are made up of silicone shell filled with silicone gel or saline (a salt water solution). A woman chooses the size of implants by trying it. At present, saline filled implants are used commonly. It is a simple procedure which is performed widely. Just like any other surgery, there are risks as well as uncertainties associated with it as well.

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Choose Best Breast Surgeon in Delhi and Lower the Risks Associated with the Procedure

breast surgery

World of medical science has undergone dramatic change. Treatment is available for all types of problems and so is case with cosmetic surgery.  Cosmetic or plastic surgery is that branch of medical science which aims at enhancing the appearance of a person. There are different types of cosmetic surgery procedures which are performed to give a new and fresh look to the person. Of all types of procedures, the one which has gained immense popularity is breast surgery. If you want to get excellent results of the procedure then choose the best breast surgeon in Delhi, and rest assured you will be able to meet the desired goal of the surgery.

Breast enhancement surgeries are the most sought-after cosmetic surgery procedures performed all over the world. If you are considering undergoing knife for any types of breast surgery, then it is important for you to know that there are certain risks associated with the procedure. Breast augmentation, reduction, breast lift, breast reconstruction and breast revision are the types of breast surgeries performed on women. As for men, gynecomastia surgery is the breast surgery.

There are several factors which determine the recovery period of breast surgery. Usually, Duration of recovery depends on the type of surgery performed, ability to stick to the instructions given by the breast reduction surgery in Delhi, and overall health. Just remember that if you are physical fit and healthy then chances are that you will recover quickly. Also emotional and mental stability has an important role to play in determining healing time after breast surgery.

Few days followed immediately after surgery brings along discomfort and pain. You might feel sore as well as stiff. Bruising and swelling will also subside only a few weeks after surgery.  However, there is nothing for you to worry much as this is consequential to breast surgery and will get back to normal over the period of time.  Within a few days of the surgery, your breast will start appearing normal. Medication prescribed by the cosmetic surgeon should be taken timely. Also adhere to all the given instructions if you want to resume daily activities without having to wait for a long time.

Key to lower the risks associated with breast surgery is choosing an experienced and qualified surgeon. Delhi, the national capital of India, is home to some of the most leading and renowned cosmetic surgeons who make sure that patient gets the most effective and right treatment. Whether you want to undergo cosmetic surgery because of cosmetic or medical reasons, getting right advice is important. Equally important is to find about the infrastructure and other facilities that the cosmetic clinic has.    Breast surgery is a complicated procedure. Hence choosing the right surgeon is the most important thing.

Another advantage of choosing Delhi for breast surgery is that you do not have to shell out huge amount of money. best breast implants cost in Delhi offered by cosmetic surgeons, usually, varies from patient to patient and the type of surgery to be performed. Visit: